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      1. Rewards cards will be available in each participating venue, subject to availability and given to customers at the management’s discretion.
      2. You will be able to collect points immediately by presenting your card with each purchase.
      3. For every £1 spent with us, 3 points will be earned onto your card. Each point equals 1p.
      4. In order to spend points in any of our venues, your card must be registered online.
      5. In order to receive additional offers or discounts, your card must be registered.
      6. When registering your card, full and correct information must be given including a valid email address, full name and other details we may require. Any information which is supplied which is found to be false may result in your account and rewards card being suspended.
      7. Points may be spent in any of our participating venues however offers, deals and vouchers must be claimed in the venue specified in the deal details. No transfers will be accepted.
      8. 1 card per customer will be given out. If that card is misplaced, replacement cards will be given at a £1 cost to the customer .
      9. The use of rewards cards are at the management’s discretion and are intended to reward loyalty in our wonderful customers. Rewards and offers may be withdrawn from individuals at any time without notice and management reserve the right to alter, amend or remove offers at any time with no notice.
      10. For any further questions, please contact rewards@greatnortherninns.co.uk